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Learn to Detect Viruses and Spyware - Limewire Kazaa Emule Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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Online malware scan
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan

Scan Everything
BitDefender Online Scanner - Free Online Virus Scan
Free online antivirus. Download ActiveScan and clean your PC. Panda Security
Free antivirus - avast! 4 Home Edition
McAfee – Computer Anti-Virus Software and Internet Security For Your PC
Trend Micro HouseCall - Free Online Virus and Spyware Scan - Trend Micro USA
Free online Trojan Scanner - Scan your system for Trojans

Virus Scanner - CA

Antivirus Software - Eliminate Spyware and Adware with ESET NOD32 Antivirus
Overview - F-PROT Antivirus Downloads

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner: Free online tool for PC health and safet

Single File
Virus File Scanner

Files you shouldn't open without scanning

.bat / pif / com / cmd
.vbs / vbe / vb / bas
.exe / msi

For safer listening use media player classic, winamp or openvcl. Windows media player and real media player are unsafe due to possibility of macro use inside mp3 files.

The most common viruses are trojans that try to steal personal information, and zombie botnets which spammers use to compromise network servers and send out spam email through them without the user knowing (eating cpu and network resources).

You can also use process monitor to check and see exactly what a file does

Process Monitor

Download Kerio Personal Firewall 4.2.2 - filehippo.com

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