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PCSX2 Save State Hacking - Memory Card Savestate Gameshark Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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Playstation 2 emulator pcsx 2 doesn't have a gameshark plugin like pec in epsxe but it is possible to hack the save states.


Hex editor
hex editor - Google Search

Ability to compress and uncompress gz files

The steps are:

1. Accumulate over 65536 gold (best for rpgs or scores =P). Eg. 74025
2. Convert that number into hex with a calculator. Eg. 12129
3. Add a 0 to the beginning if it's an odd number of digits. Eg 012129
4. Think of the number in pairs. Eg. 01 21 29
5. Reverse the order of the pairs. Eg 29 21 01
6. Add the gz extension to the savestate.
7. Unzip the savestate with 7-z.
8. Open the uncompressed savestate with a hex editor and search for the number sequence from step 5 (no spaces).
9. Change the value replacing the string with FFFFFFF or whatever you want to change the value too (keep in mind you have to reverse the order of the pairs if you have a specific number you want to change it to).
10. Save and recompress the uncompressed file with 7-zip.
11 Delete the gz extension.
12 Load the game and see if it worked. If it didn't reset the changed code to its original value, find where the number occurs again in the savestate: recompress, reload, repeat.

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