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Windows VISTA SUCKS Horribly vs XP Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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Windows vista is unusable and incompatible with EVERYTHING. I just bought a new laptop. I had to download a pirated XP and use the serial number from my old laptop. I spent a week giving it my best, tweaking modifying and disabling services. It doesn't matter how much you tweak, aeros or not, vista will always be slower buggier and more incompatible than WinXP. Ubuntu linux using wine can successfully run more windows programs than Windows Vista. Vista sucks ass. I had vista home premium. Azureus (because it's java...), Flash 8, photoshop and a lot of well known programs worked. You'll still be annoyed often by incompatibility and you'll be downright pissed off when the games and software you BUY don't work. Think about the long run. XP performance / stability /security is BETTER.

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