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About JimmyR.com Posted on Saturday, January 3 2009

JimmyR.com is a mashup of the best sites on the internet integrated into one page. It is currently updated every 15 minutes.


Click the different tabs to see a different websites content, click the tab again to go directly to the website. Clicking an icon like this description will let you see comments from digg and reddit. description will allow you to add a site in del.icio.us or download a video for youtube.

Opening links in new tabs

You can just ctrl (command on mac) + click or middle click to open a link in a new tab. I can't think of a practical way to allow an option for opening a new tab by default since the site is ajax based.

Configuring the description popup timeout

Scroll to the bottom of JimmyR where it says 'Configure JimmyR' and set the Tooltip timeout. eg. 30000 milliseconds is 30 seconds. Your mouse must be hovering on the link for 30 seconds for the tooltip to come up. 200 milliseconds on the other hand is almost instant.

Advantage of JimmyR.com over RSS aggregators

My site has Digg best of 24 hours, fark stories with over 100 comments, youtube videos only rated over 4.7 stars and more things you CANNOT get with rss feeds or online rss aggregators.

Spiffy Mp3 Search

My youtube video google is better than limewire for downloading mp3s has gotten 2.4 million videos. The music / files is a form that automates the process and filters out bad guys that have tried to put spam in the search results by faking directory listings. I also have loads of other options in the drop down menu you can use to find just about anything. To download songs right click save as on the link. I'm bored of people asking what to do when the quicktime starts streaming the song. No.


Archive.org shows around august 2006 is when I started making my site into a mashup. My first major project was may 2003, eliteskills.com which is a writing site with all custom written code. JimmyR.com was just my personal site and I thought I'd customize it so it could be my homepage. I used it to practice my regular expressions rather than using standard xml parses with rss. This method allows for parsing anything but tends to break on minimal changes to the layout. Currently the site still parses everything with regular expressions and now downloads and parses all sites simultaneously using my cURL class.

To Do

  1. Archive all feeds daily for simple ajax checking of previous days.
  2. statistics
  3. Better gaming feed
  4. better skins
  5. new jimmyr style site based on discounts from amazon, newegg, other sites
  6. More picture feeds


See the about jimmy ruska page for random ways to contact.

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