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About Jimmy Ruska Posted on Wednesday, March 26 2008

I'm Jimmy Ruska / Oct. 1985 / aka JimmyRcom or Jimmy R

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What the heck?

People have been emailing me with personal questions and searching my full name so I decided to write a resume of sorts. In this page I'll list all the spiffy crap I've made.

My Random Skills

Here's my most relevant skills in order of competence, though I won't list anything I'm bad at. Some are actively being improved, and some past fads.

  • PHP/MySQL/Apache/curl, Ajax/html/css, Linux as a Server
  • Fluent Spanish, decent writing
  • Regular Expressions
  • Relative pitch / Ear training
  • Socket Programming / HTTP / A friend of Wireshark
  • Encoding/Avisynth/Virtualdub/meGUI/Color Spaces/aegisub/Imagemagick
  • Actionscript 3
  • Erlang
  • Piano
  • Chess
  • Photoshop / Gimp image manipulation
  • Actionscript 2
  • C Programming
  • Dos Commands / Batch files / Autohotkey
  • French: Decent understanding and reading, bad speech/writing
  • Firefox XUL and extension Making
  • Familiarity with Win32 API
  • Familiarity with SDL library

Best Accomplishments

Youtube Channel
Jimmy Ruska's Video tutorials
Over 43,000 subscribers and I'm a youtube partner now! The videos are all just screen captures I make using the free software camstudio and editing with virtualdub.
Youtube API Crawler
Youtube most common searches
It starts with a list of popular one to three letter keywords. For every keyword I grab 1000 video results from youtube, and for every video, I save all the keywords. It analyzes all the keywords from each of the 1000 vids and grabs the most popular keywords on queue to also be crawler. This guarantees very relevant, related links to any given keyword. It has grabbed over 8 million pages of videos rated over 4.7 stars with over 40 ratings. It filters out the junk.
Ear Training Program
Learn to play songs by ear with this free online ear trainer I made in flash actionscript 3. There's a video tutorial explaining everything you need to know. Interval recognition has always been one of the hardest parts of ear training. My program makes it really easy and associates songs, which is something no other ear training software has done yet. Best of all it's free and only 250k.
Crawls veoh.com for anime episodes based on a big list and generates an archive of free streaming online anime. Auto-generates related links and further search possibilities for each title. Generates around 80,000 files per crawl, with crawling all episodes of all titles taking only around 10 minutes. I might add megavideo as a source in the future and maybe brighten up the layout.
Unofficial Google Translate Firefox Extension
My unofficial google translate firefox extension is a tiny extension that can easily translate all the language pairs supported by Google Translate with ultra-fast speed. It's unique because you can alt click a word or selected text and have it instantly translate in-browser. I have a customized version on my comp that can read selected text through a tts reader, download any highlighted pictures or file links, and even get me started on a blog post.
North Texas MLS real estate search engine.
My real estate agent got me in contact with his broker who wanted a customized MLS search. I got RETS 1.5 database access and made a working search prototype in 2 days with my own rets client. The database didn't support the offset command, meaning I couldn't start searching at a certain offset. It also didn't support sorting the data. I had to be tricky to get sorting by price and pagination working. It was a pretty complicated project and I'm proud of my results.
Custom Youtube Chromeless player with Dynamic Subtitles
You can see an example here. The video player looks and acts very similar to the real youtube player but it's completely javascript based and works cross browser. I haven't seen any other site to make a good cross browser implementation with a seek bar that works like the youtube player. I also set it so if you click english or spanish it'll dynamically load the subtitles corresponding to wherever you are in the video. This makes for future multilingual videos if fans choose to help subtitle them. The youtube api has no subtitle support so I made a SRT parser that divides the subtitles into sets of arrays with 50 entries to better manage time compare operations. Even if they were to add subtitle support I don't like how the subtitles are displayed in the video and I doubt they can switch locale so easily. I've also added the possibility of quick jump points to specific sections in the video, making it possible to break a really long video into manageable chunks.
Pitch Macro
Can accurately detect high frequencies without an FFT. Wish I knew how to implement an FFT. Gets the frequency of tiny sections, removes outliers and averages them.
Editing a config file can let you call a shell command and depending on the frequency range.
It's a C program compiled in gcc using the portaudio library.
Blog and Organizer
Built from scratch blog software and organizer made for maximum laziness in formatting. I generate static pages on my home computer then auto 7-zip all updates to this server and extract them. Static pages are infinitely faster than pages calling several sql statements.
Speed Math Programs
I've made several Speed Math games. One of them is RPG style! I stopped development after actionscript 3 came out. Made me want to rewrite it, which I never got back to.
Elite Skills Roleplay
Lets call it some kind of a role playing forum often about anime and movie themes, but with custom code and several innovations. Started in 2004 it's been around for awhile. Though I don't care for roleplaying, it seemed to be very popular despite having many inefficiencies. I decided to give it a good clean up, rewriting much of it from the ground up for optimization and listening to the users for feature requests and bugs. It's extremely popular now.
Texas Foreclosures Crawler
I made this when I was searching for a houses. It scans through all foreclosures and collects statistics on bids. It also generated an output of the cheapest homes in my area. The program is run on my local computer and I don't plan on releasing and regularly updating it on the server.
PHP Brute Force Program
Generates all possible combinations for any given set of characters and either saves it to a file or actively compares to a given hash. Not so useful in php generally as 10 times slower than C implementation. I've integrated it into my crawler class for http attempts and security testing / benchmarking. It can loop through infinitely adding one character more after all possibilities are exhausted or it can only test a set character length.
Curl PHP Class
I've devoted a significant amount of time making an awesome php class making it easy to crawl any website. It has everything there is to have with a very thoughtful structure and implementation for max efficiency and speed. I'll never release something like this as open source, because it can potentially do bad things.
Free quiz creator
Test yourself for any exam with my free quiz creator. It has a very simple way to build a quiz and no login is required. It didn't get popular despite my hard work ='(.

Most Buzz

Google is better than Limewire
My how to download mp3s from google tutorial has over 1.5 million views on youtube and got another 1 million views on break.com before I requested removal (the jerks submitted it without my permission and didn't accept the vid with my logo on it). My free mp3 search engine has had millions of hits.
Free Online Education
My online education site has been hovering in the top 5 google results for the search "online education". It's usually #1. It even made it to the diggnation podcast.
Hearing loss test
As you get older your hearing gets worse and you can't hear higher frequencies. You can test your hearing with my tool.
Google Video Secret Categories
I was the first one to find all the google video categories even before google released them as searchable to the public.

My Sites

The best of the internet puts the top stories all on one page from the following sites: digg, reddit, fark, youtube, technorati, delicious, wired news, lifehacker, wikihow, stumbleupon, google news, and bbc today in history.
Started in 2003. It was intended to be an online writing community with a nightmare before christmas theme. Most people that came though posted their poems and nobody liked reading anybody else's work. I guess it would have been better to make it like a big disgusting chat room and social network about nothing, like myspace. Meh targeting failed.

Cool Gadgets I own

  1. Primary Computer: Laptop Asus G1-AK024C: Dualboot XP / Ubuntu
  2. Unmanaged Server: Dualcore Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz / 500GB / 100mbit
  3. Sennheiser PC 350 Gaming Headset
  4. Wacom Intuos3 6 x 8
  5. Yamaha DGX-500 Keyboard

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