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Asians Banned from Arcades Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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Many arcades have started banning Asians due to what retailers claim is an "unhealthy and unreasonable obsession". Asians are furious and protesting they're being discriminated against, but a new report conducted by researchers at Harvard University and RTI International shows that Asians grossed 1.06 billion dollars in prize money in 2007, roughly the nominal GDP of Brazil. "This is no longer a matter we can just ignore", stated the report. A country wide ban may be in place as early as 2008.

This has got to stop. If they don't want to be discriminated against they have to stop abusing the system at such obscene rates.

- Chairman of Cinemark, NY Press Conference on Feb. 20, 2008

Many asian lawyers quickly filed a class action pic lawsuits against participating groups. However, many large corporations have surprisingly stood up for the arcade's reasoning. "They're doing what we never had the guts to do," argued a spokesman for wizards of the coast. When questioned, a blizzard executive smirked and said, "sometimes I cry at night thinking of how much of their lives those kids spend playing starcraft and WOW." Department of Human Services also released a report this year confirming 76% of Asian teens reported playing video games an average of 4 - 7 hours a day. Roughly 47% admitted frequenting arcades. The report omitted data about which games trafficked by the group.

Video Evidence Arcades have collected

Some interviews from the 20/20 investigation


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