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Best Nintendo DS Emulator Posted on Friday, May 9 2008
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Nintendo DS games are shared in NDS files. If you get rar, .000, .001, zip, 7z; it's an archive you have to extract with something like 7zip. To play the NDS files you need a nintendo DS emulator.

List of Nintendo DS Emulators

  1. No$GBA - This is the best .NDS emulator. At version 2.6a speed isn't a massive issue like it used to be. It can play commercial games, utilize the mic for games that need it and doesn't seem to ask for any bios.
  2. deSmuME
  3. lameboy-ds
  4. neonDS
  5. iDeaS

Where to get Nintendo DS Games

The legal answer is at the store, buying them then dump the game into a rom. The other answer is torrent sites like demonoid or mininova where they're illegally shared.

No$GBA's Screen is too Tiny

You can use NDS2XGL2 to make the screen a bit bigger and even add filters to smooth the pixels. You can also change your screen resolution to be smaller to have it look much bigger, just google search how, eg "Change screen resolution Windows XP".

Savestate hacking

NO$GBA seems to crash no matter what the game when using save states. You should be careful trying to modify the emulated memory card because if it detects "corrupt data" it'll delete your save. It seems to have something similar to CRC or MDS check to make sure the data saved properly.

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