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Craigslist scammers: Impossible to sell laptop Posted on Tuesday, November 4 2008
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I want to sell a laptop (TOSHIBA Satellite A205-S5843) I just bought 2 months ago and hadn't used. Long story short my uncle wanted it and said he'd pay me back if I ordered it but he never did and doesn't plan to.

I had heard the ebay horror stories of the highest bidders for decently priced electronics always being Nigerians, asking to pay via wire transfer or wanting to use some fake escrow. Craigslist is great because you can trade locally so I was excited to be getting offers. I bought the laptop 2 months ago for $700, used it only the day I got it, and was asking $550 or highest offer.

Laptop Offers


Hi, I am offering you $555 for this item if you still have it available for sale.. I will effect payment via Paypal because it as a gift for my Fiance's fast approaching birthday.. Kindly get back to me as soon as possible for a quick transaction..


End: lilianebabes@aol.com

No reply after saying I want to meet somewhere and the paypal payment MUST clear first.

Email 1: Jennifer Smith (jensmith009@gmail.com)

Hello, Is this item still up for sale???.

Email 2: Jennifer Smith (jensmith009@gmail.com)

Thanks for the response and i will be using this medium to tell you that i will not be able to pay cash,reason being that i am not in the states at the moment,However am buying this for a friend who is in need of this laptop. i would appreciate if you allow me to pay through paypal and i will add $120 as shipping cost.. However if you dont have paypal account you can just log on to paypal.com and set up an account it is free easy and secure to pay and receive money through paypal.. pls get back to me asap Thanks

Email 1: Mathew Anyaoha (mattanya275@live.com)

I am interested and love to buy. Its going to my son. Let me know if you still got it. The price is fair


Email 2: Mathew Anyaoha (mattanya275@live.com)

Yes please i would love to purchase. I know my boy will like it. I am from Washington. The laptop is actually going to my son. He is currently with the mom where she now works with the us W.H.O in West Africa.
I will be paying you through PayPal or orionpay money order. Orion pay money order is fast and very reliable. All it requires is your full information name and full address.I will be paying you a total of $770 to cover both your cost price and shipping to west africa and insurance if need be through USPS. I will forward you the residential address as soon as payment reaches you before you ship.
Please get back to me and let me know
Thank you once again
Mathew Anyaoha

Email 1: Dominic Ede (domy102@hotmail.com)

I am intrested in buying your item,kindly get back to me with your final firm price.
Best Regards


My post clearly said people could offer a lower price. Scammers would say my asking price was good or even offer more. The last email asked me for a "final firm price", who the hell does that on an item they can offer on? They'd throw in hooks like "gift for my Fiance's fast approaching birthday" or "gift for my son" to later pressure the seller to send the item before their disgusting fake paypal payment has cleared (which it never will). I had to edit my post to say no paypal, wiretransfers, and must meet locally, but still I got further BS offers.

The most shocking, disturbing, and annoying part of it all is that that's what these guys do for a living. All day long, they spend their day sending hundreds of emails to offers on craigslist, city by city, structuring their scam based on each particular advert. Instead of being productive farmers or entrepreneurs for their country they're using their time to see how many people they can screw over. If they can write in english and use computers, they have no excuse. They use social engineering as if it were a standardized, academic and legitimate form of earning money.

I get nigerian 419 email scams all the time, some are more tricky than others. Recently I got a Google Calendar event invitation disguised as an email from Google asking for my username and password. It's impossible to mark as phishing because it's sent as a google service.

Mark of a Scammer.

  1. Clear incompetence with punctuation, grammar and over use of ellipses
  2. Things seem too common. "Jennifer Smith" is like John Doe. Three of the scammers had the same structure as the email name, abbreviated first name then last name followed by 3 random characters using free email services.
  3. In first offer they say they're buying for someone else, so later can say in a followup that he's in a different country at the moment. Also they can try to pressure you to send the item because of some made-up deadline they have.

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