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Find 90% off amazon + places for cheap pcs +death note rules Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
Learn to Play Songs by Ear: Ear Training

New site
Rebates and discounts on Laptops, Notebooks, Mp3 Players, and more Electronics

I'm not selling anything directly myself. They are all external links. Maybe if the site gets popular or something I can ad ads in the future so please don't take this as spam.

Next video will be a continuation of first batch files video

Death note channel
Stage6 · Death Note Channel · Videos

Stage6 and veoh are pretty cool in that they have channels and the vid quality is good, here are some other channels I found too

Stage6 · BLUEzone · Videos

Stage6 · Anime Otaku · Videos

Naruto channel
Stage6 · Naruto Channel - English · Videos

Stage6 · Bleach Only · Videos
d.gray man
Stage6 · Black Order Link · Videos

Also checkout this site if you want to know more about camera megapixels
Howstuffworks "Digital Camera Resolution"

See more free video tutorials ordered by category.

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