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Hardest Game Ever Posted on Saturday, April 19 2008

Don't let the simple design fool you, this is the hardest game ever. It's still very entertaining as each level is possible to complete, just more and more tedious and time consuming as the game progresses. Note: this is not for pathetic people that get anxiety or emotional over simple logic problems that require quick thinking, this game is for winners.

Hardest game ever 2

See the hardest game ever 2 page.

Another Hard Flash Game

This one is quite a bit more annoying... okay, infinitely annoying. Press Z to jump.

Ear training

This isn't really a game, but if you want to learn to play songs by ear try my ear trainer. For those of you who like difficult challenges, it takes a lot of practice and work but the results are real this time. Free trainer with video tutorial.

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