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Howto Defragment on Idle + what is defragmenting (see descr) Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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*correction: you need to put the JkDefragScreenSaver.exe also in windows folder too for the screen saver.

JkDefrag v3.34

Sorry about the audio quality. Mic Boost was on. I lowered the volume after recording but it's still very blown.

Also in the scheduled task settings, you can make it stop defragging by checking the box "stop the task if computer ceases to be idle". Forgot to mention it.

This defragments pagingfiles / "registry hives"

PageDefrag v2.32

If you read on the jkdefrag page it tells you how to use tweakUI to change the default defrag program

Other free defraggers
UltraDefrag - powerful Open Source disk defragmenter - Homepage
defrag on the fly

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