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Howto Improve Your Download Speed. Understand it. Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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Quit trying to be clever by saying 1024. I was talking about how bandwidth is advertised. Please read this:
Attention hard drive manufacturers! Most people believe that a kilobyte is 1

Check and see if your advertised bandwidth is what you're really getting and learn how to compare different internet service providers. Your speed is controlled by your ISP so understanding how it's advertised is key to improving and comparing it.

Yes I know you will go super fast with tons of seeds so quit whinning. Torrents with 10 - 20 people are another story. Tons of people complain their torrent downloads go slow because they're asshats and super-limit the upload rate for fear of the RIAA or their ISP provides horrible upstream rates.

Yes the bandwidth can be capped from where you're downloading from. I'm aware of that. The game download was capped at around 450KB, but I used that as an example comparing kbps to KB/s.

At the end it's not a mistake saying the upload speed is about as fast as you will download on p2p networks/ torrents. Torrents are based on share ratios so you'll get as fast as you can give. As always there are exceptions specially for torrents with tons of seeds but it's a good rule of thumb.

This is the only and definitive way of increasing your connection speed. Your ISP controls it! If it's not going as fast as it should call your ISP's tech support. If you want it faster, compare rates and find what's most affordable for the speed you want. Understanding how they advertise their packages is key to knowing if you're getting ripped off.

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