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Kindle 2 out Kindle 1 Prices drop 30+ percent Posted on Wednesday, February 11 2009
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The amazon kindle 2 was announced after it had been out of stock and on preorder for months. Amazon's new ebook reader has gotten a lot of buzz because it's one of the few consumer products that has an electronic paper display, allowing it to run for 4 days without a battery recharge.

Because the kindle 1 was out of stock people who didn't want their kindles were selling it used for the list price or slightly below. Now that kindle 2 was announced the price of the first edition kindles has wavered from $200 - $260 dollars. Currently there's a wave of people wanting to sell off their old kindles so they can preorder their newer, slightly improved ipod looking upgrade. With plenty of 'used' devices in like new condition it's a great time to buy. Kindle 2 improvements are minimal: a bad text to speech engine, design improvements and a 20% faster switch page buttons.

Kindle also opened it's amazon associates commission service which allows 10% on each sale which means; if someone buys a Kindle from your link or banned you get $35. That's not bad considering all the hype associated with it; a lot of people already wanted kindles. Well at least that's what I thought anyway. My banner ads didn't sell a single kindle... back to google.


Even if it becomes $150 for the old kindle I wouldn't buy it yet. pdf conversion is 'experimental' and costs 10 cents per conversion. You can get around the pdf conversion fee by converting the pdf to prc or converting a pdf to txt but the conversions aren't perfect. An ebook reader that can't handle the most common format of ebook and that takes 65% of the authors profit with minimal distribution costs is pretty bad. Kindle owners have reported footnotes, pictures and other content of several books have been removed due to the way they convert the book to a digital format. The insanely long battery life easy on the eyes display still keeps me patiently optimistic. Hopefully a lot of competition comes along so we have less niche monopolized prices and better conversion support.

* Updates: LOL amazon removed the new and used list so you can't see how much people are trying to sell them for used.

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