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Make Video Tutorials Easily Posted on Tuesday, February 26 2008

I've made 120+ free video tutorials on youtube all using free software. I have over 20,000 subscribers, and I'm now youtube partner. Here's what I use, and how you can do it too.

Screen Capture Videos Free with Camstudio

My prefered screen recorder is camstudio. It works on Windows, and Linux if using Wine. Here's a video tutorial on how to use it.

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Recommended Video Codecs
FFDshow Tryouts
Recommended Audio Codecs
Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec
Known Issues
The audio and video length are slightly off. To fix, use a video editor to cut the last few frames from the video and save again. This only is a problem when combining multiple videos. The sync will be off.
Not a Glitch
Cannot screen record games or videos playing in media players. Camstudio is not a half-assed dvd to avi creator. Any program using using hardware acceleration "rendering" the screen will not work. read this. Use fraps to screencapture games.
Camstudio is slow: Lower your framerate or don't record fullscreen at super big resolutions. A video is basically 30 pictures per second + the time the codec takes to encode it.
Recommended Recording Settings for Youtube
Go to Options -> enable autopan.
Set Autopan Speed to 80.
Audio Options
Audio: PCM, 44.1 kHz, mono, 16-bit
Final Audio after editing: MP3, 64kbps @ 22,050hz mono Abr or VBR
Video Options
Capture Frames every 33 milliseconds
Playback rate 30 frames per second
Video: xvid or divx at 256 or higher bitrate
Virtualdub: Does not have a feature similar to autopan. Movement is smooth, which is a bad thing as far as the codec is concerned.
Hypercam: Same as camstudio, but costs money.
Camtasia: Tons of features, costs assloads of money. Autopan waaayy too friggin slow. Tries to be a video editor and screencapture at the same time, making it kinda bloated.

Don't look for hacks or serials for the lastest versions. Even though I could buy commercial software camstudio works fine.

Edit your Videos Free with Virtualdub

Virtualdub is a super efficient, fast video editor for windows. As an alternative you cant try avidemux which works on linux, max and windows.

You will FAIL

Sorry as a new user to virtualdub your will fail at the following tasks. I've created a bunch of my own virtualdub tutorials on how to do various things.

  • Attaching videos together
  • Adding multiple audio tracks
  • Transitioning frames
  • Adding Pictures or stillframes to your video
  • Getting your videos to be small filesize
  • Trying to edit mp4, mkv, mov, wmv, 3gp.
  • Trying to add mp3 audio

Virtualdub FAQ and Documentation:

RTFM or die. Use audacity to mix audio tracks.

[VirtualDub] *** FAQ *** <11/10/2003> - Doom9's Forum
Unofficial VirtualDub Support Forums -> Heri' S Virtualdub F
Documentation - virtualdub.org
Unofficial VirtualDub Support Forums (Powered by Invision Power
Unofficial VirtualDub Support Forums -> Virtualdub FAQ

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