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New blog finally finished Posted on Tuesday, February 12 2008

Directly made from scratch and highly efficient my new blogging program is finally finished. It generates valid rss, xhtml, css, and even paginates the different categories. It's made for maximum laziness in posting, editing and making media pages like lists of embeds and lists of pictures.

I've been wanting to redo everything for a long time. The old blog had many inefficiencies and just looking at it's source code made me kinda stressed. The layout didn't have enough space for wide pictures and the posts featuring creative or funny pictures were actually getting the most views, thanks to stumbleupon.


The nice pixel background is from squidfingers.

No Comments?

Stupid spam bots would flood 100 comments per comment form they spotted sometimes. Even if the comments were blocked heavy spam guarding takes it toll on the server whereas the spammer is just sending the minimalist amount of post data. Spam bots aren't as bad as incredibly stupid people with horribly misspelled attacks over their retarded misconceptions. Having to moderate comments before showing them usually irritates users and is a hassle to the site owner. Making them create a login just to post is even worse. Having each page call the database even though 99% of the pages don't have comments isn't practical. Even when I get real comments, the breakdown is as follows.

Typical Comments
That was the best thing ever! Check out my website at x...20%
u suk25%
A long but irrelevant comment talking about a semi related incident the post made them think about20%
A long and intelligent comment actually contributing to the post.5%

They say feedback is great, but would you really want 1000 comments saying "great." or "sucked!" under every good or bad post.

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