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Portal Rules! Posted on Monday, February 18 2008

I've been enjoying the PC game portal for the last few days. Without a doubt, it's the best game I've ever played for both the first person shooter and the strategy genre. It plays like your average first person shooter but there are no enemies walking around trying, only stationary robots. Rather than being enjoyable because you get to kill random shit and pickup drops, this game is amazing because of the complicated puzzles it has. The gun is the best weapon ever thought of allowing you to create portals between one part of the room and another. The two mouse buttons are used to shoot different color portals which are linked together.

pic Aside from the gameplay being awesome the game is also hilarious. You hear a mechanized female voice throughout the entire game promising cake and a party if you finish all the tests and android hell if you disobey orders. You can read the full game script if you want to get the idea. There's little easter eggs and secret (not so hidden) areas with funny stuff written on the walls (See the big bad angry jelly fish below). pic The game is a great challenge and worthy of replay and it's actually the only game where watching your beginner friends could be entertaining. It's easy enough to be intuitively learned without instructions and it's tricky enough to have multiple solutions to the same problem.

Portal Time Attacks

pic There's never been a better game for making time attacks since with a lot of skill and accuracy you can speed through anything. You have a portal gun for God's sake. If you ever wanted to see how the gameplay is or if you're ever stuck on any part, watching speed runs are the most enjoyable way to proceed.

Portal Speed Run in 18 minutes in 2 segments

Embed: Link: Watch Full Screen | Download

Embed: Link: Watch Full Screen | Download

Portal Timeattack in 14.45 minutes

It's a lot more enjoyable because of the super video quality stage6.com has and because they use a lot of different tricks. Some of the levels I bet he did even faster than the youtube guy. Aside from that he captured the credits also and the funny ending song that might qualify as one of the most satisfying endings in gaming history.

Portal Parody

The average life / day of a turret.

Embed: Link: Watch Full Screen | Download

Chell is no Laura Croft

pic They won't be making a movie with angelina about this android, even worse she's supposedly modeled after a real person.

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