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Put the Benny Hill song on any youtube vid Posted on Sunday, December 14 2008

Today a site called the BennyHillifier got popular with 1550 diggs and 150 reddit votes. It allows you to add the benny hill song (Yakety Sax) to any youtube video. You can see a bunch of funny combinations from the digg comments.

I noticed the site was using the chromeless API for some reason so I checked out the source. I expected to see some audio embed but it actually just embedded another youtube video with the benny hill theme song as a 0x0 object. This means the video AND audio of the benny hill song are still being streamed on top of the other video. Having messed with the youtube API a lot, seeing something like this get so popular was incredible because the implementation is really simple to make. If you view source most of the code is still just example code from the Youtube API chromeless example page.

Since the bennyhillifier got a lot of buzz and the coding isn't much I decided to make my own implementation allowing for any audio from any youtube vid to be used, not just the benny hill theme. It can also parse the full or partial url instead of just the ID. You can see it here: Merge audio and video from different youtube videos. I've alo added the source code to the page. I got all of 2 diggs from it, with the second digg being from a friend. Reddit gave me 2 down votes. Meh.

I wonder if the benny hillifier will remain popular. Although it's simple it could prove viral from sharing in myspace / facebook / forums. The dramatic mccain video was also a pretty clever but not super hard implementation that go really popular.

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