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Pycron: Cron Jobs on Windows Posted on Tuesday, February 19 2008

pic Pycron is a clone of the linux command cron with a gui crontab editor included. If you have a linux server but run windows, if you want to improve your understanding of linux commands, or if you just hate the windows task scheduler pycron can help. See the wikipedia page for cron for more details.

pic The windows task scheduler is ok, but the options it offers are just too simple. With cron jobs you can select the dates to the second and tell it to skip any particular day or minute. It's much more flexible as far as scheduling when.

pic The windows task scheduler still has some useful advanced features cron does not. It's arguable you could do the same with code, but it's not really practical in most cases. In any case, it's rare that you'll need the few bonus features it offers.

The files are installed to:

C:\Program Files\pycron\

pyCronEditor.exe is what you use to edit the cron jobs.

Tea Timer

For people who just want alerts after an x interval of time there's also tea-timer a free app with a simple gui.

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