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Remove Vocals from Mp3s using audacity (Win/Mac/Linux) Free Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

To save as mp3 you need to have lame mp3 encoder installed

This works with stereo tracks that have the vocals centered, when inverting a track, the waveforms cancel but it may grab more than vocals in some cases. Below are more alternatives.

Save to one track at the end. Reduce the audio volume with amplify to make the softest parts disappear then increase it again. This will remove the vocals completely so quit whining about the "reduction".

More Info
Vocal Removal - Audacity Wiki

Enable VST in Audacity for More Plugins
Audacity VST Enabler

Audacity Nyquist Plugins

Vst Plugins
Voice Trap Plug-in

More stuff
Karaoke Anything! download and review - remove vocals from audio playback from S
The Truth About Vocal Eliminators

Goldwave has High/lowpass filters for vocal reduction

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