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Rip DVDs Directly From VLC Player Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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VLC media player - Overview

If you have trouble with mp4/divx try mpeg /mp1v

It's illegal for you to rip a DVD that has CSS (a type of DRM). It's even worse (in terms of punishment) if you redistribute copyright material. See your country's / states copyright laws and all documentation regarding the media you want to copy if you want to be safe. Don't copy stuff you don't own or you rented.

Note that if you have vlc player set so it loops, it will infinitely rip the same dvd to the same file. You can stop it from looping by clicking one of the buttons in the playlist.

If you want to watch the dvd after it's finished ripping on vlc player make sure you uncheck the stream / save box or it'll overwrite the rip and start ripping again.

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