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Rotate.pl eating CPU Posted on Monday, March 17 2008
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Today I had an issue in that webmin's /etc/webmin/bandwidth/rotate.pl was taking 99% of the CPU every hour. I guess it's always been there eating up the processor but I've never really noticed until now since it's a cron job. I deleted the entry calling rotate.pl. Suddenly /var/log/bandwidth started increasing at an insane rate. In a day it racked up 17 gigabytes. Deleting it didn't do anything. Here's the solution:

Edit the Syslog.conf with Vi
vi /etc/syslog.conf
click insert key
Add a "#" in front of
kern.=debug -/var/log/bandwidth
Restart the systemlog service
/sbin/service syslog restart
Delete the massive file
rm /var/log/bandwidth

You can check how much disk space any folder takes by typing du -hs foldernamehere. The commmand "df" will tell you how much disk space you have available. Logs definitely can eat tons of space if left unchecked.

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