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Type faster and with less fatique with efficient dvorak mode Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
Learn to Play Songs by Ear: Ear Training

Dvorak Simplified Keyboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Keyboard layout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

history of qwerty
QWERTY - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dvorak Keyboard on Linux

Switching to dvorak on mac
Dvorak Keyboard Layout on Mac OS X

Here's a program to switch between the layouts easily for windows
SourceForge.net: Dvorak Assistant

Here's a speed trainer from sourceforge
SourceForge.net: TypeFaster Typing Tutor

You can also use it as a "keyboard locker" if you have siblings. Switch to dvorak mode while your away and they wont try using your comp to check the internet. Less hassle than passwording your account.

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