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Vista Commercial Parody Posted on Tuesday, February 19 2008
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This video shares my sentiments on vista.

Vista Installation Video

Vista 'Innovations'

Delete Vista and Install XP

Follow this guide on clean installing xp to get rid of vista. Sorry vista fanboys, vista is slower than XP both for gaming and normal tasks. Disable aero and tweak all you want. If you prefer shiny objects to good performance good for you. The DRM service is BS, and there's a whole lot of useless stuff built in. Yay for extended parental controls for paranoid technophobic parents. Blah. There's still loads of programs that don't work on Vista, it's slow, it eats more resources; this is not a debate, vista sucks.

Tags: satirical vista commercial, vista comercial funny, windows commercials, vista sucks, blows, vista benchmark

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