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WTF Microsoft: Office 2007 Bloat Posted on Sunday, February 24 2008

Programmers should make their code more speed optimized and compatible as time goes on. Instead, microsoft does the opposite, bloating Office even to the point of having its minimum system requirements surpass one of it's most popular games, age of mythology. This is obviously to hassle people into buying new computers or upgrading their systems, which come with the latest Microsoft OS. This act of douchebaggery is unacceptable.

RequirementsMS OfficeAge of MythOpenOffice2
Processor500mhz450mhzNot Listed
Disk Space1.5 Gigs1.5 Gigs440 mb
Screen Res.1024x768Not Listed800x600
OSXP w/ SP2 or +98 or +98 or +

Alright, so the game obviously requires a graphics card, but there's no reason office should be eating more processing power and RAM than a game. Controlling hundreds of units each with it's own AI should not be comparable to making pie charts and entering data in excel. If you were guessing it's because of contextual spelling and grammar checking in Word, that's not even turned on unless you have 1 gig ram.

In its latest version microsoft has completely redesigned the interface and added an 'intuitive' layout with elements changing onclick. Unfortunately, what people want is standardization for the most commonly used office tool of all time, not a redesign every few years making them relearn everything. My text editor should be the last thing eating up my processor! Sure, there's powerpoint, excel, and a host of other tools, but lets face it, the most commonly used office program is Microsoft Word. Many people not requiring other Office features have switched to abiword which only requires 16mb ram, a minimal amount of diskspace and win95 or better. Google also created it's own documents and spreadsheets online solution.

Microsoft Office 2007 Pricing

Home & Student149.95
Small Business449.95
* As of 2/24/08

Even when it's $70 in a university store for students, it's just not worth the price. It's better to go with a free alternative that you know will not be as likely to make dramatic changes in the future. If everyone gave $70 to open office like they do to disgusting Microsoft, the development would dramatically increase. Giving the money to microsoft is like spitting on a fish. They're already surrounded by money and have lost all real appreciation of the people that reward them with it. Instead they're just angry they haven't been hitting their target numbers, throwing money at market researchers that play with products like a lifeless game.

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