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YT Hack! Get alerts on new videos without going to youtube. Posted on Wednesday, February 20 2008
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Subscribe to Feeds Using the Youtube API

In software like feedread you can set it to check for new videos every x time period by right clicking and going to feed properties. It'll ding when there's a new video. Add as many people as you like!

List of Feed Readers
List of feed aggregators - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Feed reader

With internet Explorer 7 use add to favorites on the feed. If you want to post a video response on your favorite aggregator or how to setup feeds on IE7 / Mac / Linux do it!

p1d2 also recommended Miro to do the same thing
Download: Get Miro

Youtube now uses a new gdata format and doesn't require a developer key. It also added a whole bunch more variables you can attach to the query string making things possible that weren't before.

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