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Unofficial Google Translate Firefox Extension Posted on Saturday, April 5 2008

My new firefox extension lets you translate super easily within your browser.

Most Common Passwords Posted on Thursday, March 20 2008

How do you know if you have a weak password? How do hackers get the passes anyway and how easy are they to crack?

Make Windows Run Faster Posted on Friday, February 22 2008

Whether you just bought a new computer or you want to make your current one faster, this is a must read from years of experience.

Pycron: Cron Jobs on Windows Posted on Tuesday, February 19 2008

Schedule tasks to the minute, with the option of selecting only certain days, minutes or even seconds for each task.

Free Windows Hotkey Macros Posted on Tuesday, February 19 2008

If you've never heard of macros, this article could save you hours or even days of your life. Easily make it so you do multiple tasks by clicking a keyboard combination.

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